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VIVE OpenXR support for VIVE Cosmos


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@Patrik, is this with both runtimes? We dont' have a way currently  to adjust it but I believe there's a brightness issue on MSFS's side. Awaiting VR simultator update with various fixes.

@KeateWang try re-updating the private beta  pwd: OPENXRBETADEV00

You shouldn't need to edit the registry manually - both the Vive OpenXR runtime for Cosmos and the SteamVR runtime will prompt you if you want to set the default OpenXR runtime.  Think of this as similar to when a browser asks you if you want to set it as the default browser when you open an html page.

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i own the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite and Regular SteamVR works fine with FS2020.
But now i want to experience the difference using OpenXR well what i have done is this to activate it.
Step one i updated my viveconsole using private beta code available on there website to access the openXR preview build so that was done i went ahead and updated to steam beta VR.
Then everything was all good and updated so i thought i just need to install the openxr runtime developer application from the Microsoft Store then i started the flight sim and made sure its the openxr steam vr then i went into VR and i was surprised.
All i saw was my left and right eye displayed on my monitor and my headset was pitch black but it felt as if i was in a dark ball with 2 openings up and down if i looked up i would see a grey grid and the same when i looked down i made sure HDR was Off and Floor bounds was Off as well.
If anyone could help me fix this it would be greatly appreciated!
Update: Now When I Activate The VR In The Flight Sim I Just Crash To Desktop.
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There must be something wrong about my VIVE Console.

It's version is I try to check the update. It told me that there is no Update for me.


And then,I try to input your code to enable OpenXR Preview.


And run  "CosmosControllerSample(unity)".But it show "no device connected".


I just don't know what to do😓

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Hi @michaelmagdy

"HTC Vive Cosmos Elite and Regular SteamVR works fine with FS2020"  -  this implies that the SteamVR OpenXR runtime is already working for you.  This forum is primarily to support the Vive OpenXR runtime for the Vive Cosmos (inside out tracking) vs. the Vive Cosmos Elite (which use SteamVR tracking).  

There seems to be some confusion regarding the OpenXR runtimes that MSFS supports. The "openxr runtime developer application from the Microsoft Store" is for Microsoft XR devices, namely in this case the Mixed Reality headsets.

If you are already successfully running SteamVR with MSFS, then you are using SteamVR's OpenXR runtime. You can however switch to run the Vive OpenXR runtime for Vive Cosmos but would likely  require switching the faceplate to the inside-out tracking faceplate and using the Cosmos inside-out tracking controllers which do not require the SteamVR base stations.

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@Dario My Vive Console doesn't show it's version at this page.


I Click the "About" button.The Version is


And I Click the "Check Update" Button.It tell me "No Update".


I try the UE4 project in version4.26,but it can not connect device too.




But the game "Beat Saber" in steam works well.

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There are now 2 ways to enable the Vive OpenXR runtime for Cosmos:

First from the Vive Console -> Settings -> Advanced -> 

1. You should still be able to use the code OPENXRBETADEV00 in the Private test program section.

2. Now with the latest update you should also be able to avoid entering a code and under the Beta program section once you update your Cosmos HMD (original faceplate only - not elite) you can see a new switch to enable/disable the Vive OpenXR preview runtime (requires hmd connected).  If you are experiencing issues please try method #1.


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