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WVR_InAppRecenter doesn't work with HandTracking


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Hello. Following this post https://forum.vive.com/topic/12833-user-orientation-recentering-in-unity/

I did integrate it in my project but it doesn't work with the hand tracking : the hands doesn't move, but the controllers do

Is there any work around for this ? @C.T. @chengnay @BabelSW

I tried resetting the position of the hands, without success


Thanks in advance for any help

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Hello @chengnay, I am using the VIU version 1.17.0 and the 4.5.0-r.3 wave assets.
I am testing the recentering of the application in the 0. Tutorial scene of the VIU Sample.

Hand tracking is enabled.

The controllers are working fine, but when i rotate my head and want to recenter the game, my hands doesn't follow and stay where they were.

I did not modify the sample image.thumb.png.f2ea50ae7e1af0e7af1695c4248f2522.png

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We are using applications with people that can not interfere with the UI of the headset. We have a web platform that does the calls to our Unity applications, and one of these calls is the recentering of our app. So the people inside the game don't have to do anything.

We are currently grabbing all of our scene, putting it in a gameobject, rotate and recenter the gameobject. It is not an optimal solution because the World Positions are not followed by the now new position of the whole scene, so we had to rewrite most of our applications that uses rigidbody's and forces.

because we can't move the OVRCameraRig, we didn't think of a better solution.

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