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Vive Pro audio quality


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What does it sound like exactly? I can confirm there’s not a ton of bass but I don’t think I’m getting the “tiny” sound you’re talking about. The volume goes up quite high and it sounds fairly normal.


You’ve checked your sound settings and playback device selection?

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Please note that there are some bad reviews because of the audio issue's. Your statement says the bug is affecting audio on some setups. how do I know if it is affecting my setup? I have the same comment that it sounds tinny, hardly any bass.


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I would like to add myself to the list. I hear a lot of high pitched sounds and very little low bass sounds. As such, the sound coming from the ear buds is 'tinny'. Meaning it sounds like it is coming from a tin can. I have tried many different positions on the ear buds but still get the same experiance. 


It may be beause I switched from the Deluxe Audio Strap on my old Vive setup. It had great sound. But still, there should be more bass sounds coming out of this $800.00 piece of equipment. 

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Has this been addressed?

I updated firmware but i feel like it is still very tinny and missing lower range frequencies. 

I think its exacerbated by the ear peices not really sitting flush with the ear as they did in the audio strap

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