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Choppy Preformance with Wirless Adapter


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So, after spending a few hours troubleshooting this issue i fixed it for me. I cannot confirm it will work for everyone but this seems to have worked for me.


I took a closer look at some of the diagrams for the installation instructions of the WiGig card and noticed my mistake sofar. The PCI-E x16 ports i use for my graphics cards are also useable for this WiGig card, so after putting all my GFX cards back where they were when i started, i tried using the the next available x16 slot. This has now been tested with no issues for over an hour, the wireless adapter is working perfectly for me. 




I will next be testing the PCI-E x1 port with it once the riser cable is delivered to try that option, but for now, everything works. Hope this helps someone.


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 when i tried that i noticed that my GPU PCI-E dropped from x16 to x8. This might be motherboard specific but its something you can see with gpu-z. When mine was running on x8 doom vfr went all stuttery on me.

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Good call ! Thought I had tried every PCI configuration, but this post made me go back and take another look, making sure that both my GFX and WiGig cards were in 3.0 slots. Everything working beautifully now. It's night and day. , for me, it was the difference of 3.0 (had tried other configurations using 2.0 16x slots, and that wasn't working).

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Sadly I have this exact same issue, and have been trying for weeks to fix it.


I have tried every PCIe slot on my board (all listed as 3.0), and the issue remains. I even bought a second (brand new) wireless adapter kit, and it has the same problem. So it must be something with my setup. However this is a brand new build, upgraded everything just so I could be ready for wireless. (*sigh*)


ASRock Z370 Killer SLI/ac

Intel Core i5 8600K, OC 4.5GHz

16GB DDR4 3000

Nvidia 1070 SC

Fresh install of Win10 Pro on SSD


A few notes:

- Works perfect when wired

- Tried all 3 modes on wireless app

- Tried turning off all wireless devices in the house

- Tried Enabling 4G decoding on PCIe

- Tried every PCIe slot on the mobo

- Tried reinstalling Wireless App and SteamVR

- I have the latest drivers and BIOS

- CPU usage is below 50%, GPU usage is below 60%

- Problem exists in all games, SteamVR menu, chaperone boundaries, everywhere

- All of this hardware is BRAND NEW, and everything works beautifully when wired

- Problem occurs on both Wireless Adapters that I've purchased


I desperately want this to work. I really don't want to go back to wired, especially after buying all these upgrades JUST to be able to use wireless. Please help us!

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I am happy to report this is now working flawlessly for me! The quick answer: I plugged my PCIe card into an emplty 8x slot. I know HTC recommends a 1x or, at the most, a 4x. So I never thought to try my 8x. The only reason I did, was because I only have two 1x slots and one is hidden under my GTX1060. So, out of desperation, my empty 8x was all that was left.



I will add one more thing, because I shouldn't rule it out. When I moved the card and booted up and loaded Steam, there was a SteamVR update that loaded as well. I'm not sure what that entailed, but I guess there is a 50% chance that did it as well. To test it, I would have to move my card back to the 1x  slot, but now that it's working, I'm not going to jinx it.


So, if you haven't already, try moving your card to an 8x PCIe slot.


Good luck,


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