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Choppy Preformance with Wirless Adapter


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I have also seen this behavior with the Vive Wireless over thunderbolt 3 on a laptop. CPU usage is usually high, but it drops frames and resolution (I assume to the minimum allowed) to maintain performance. 

Razer blade Pro i7/GTX 1080 in performance mode (slight OC) with a Razer Core V1 (4 TB3 PCI lanes)

Issue not present on similar desktop with wireless.

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I am also having this issue.
I have just put together my dream machine specifcally for this.
I am so disappointed right now.


Symptoms: (none of these occur if I use a wired connection):
Constant greying and blacking out
Choppy graphics
Floor level different every time I start BeatSaber (Room Setup run countless times)
Laggy controllers
Unplayable games
Utter, utter frustration


CPU (i9 9900X): 30 to 40%
GPU: RTX 2080 Ti: Barely used
Win10 Pro


Clear line of sight from transmitter
Different connection modes tried
No other apps running
Camera and Bluetooth turned off
Windows, Steam and all drivers up to date
Vive Wireless shows 4 bars

I am struggling to see why Vive think it is acceptable to release such sub-standard hardware. This is a disgrace.

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Pretty long thread, but hopefully others will find this.  I had issues with a laggy/stuttering/choppy image, however you want to describe it.  Ultimately I found I just needed to turn VSync off in Nvidia Control Panel.  Worked as advertised after that.

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If you need to turn off V-sync in the control panel, then you've got another issue. You need to enable direct mode in SteamVR settings. Any vsync control in Nvidia settings should not affect your headset. Direct mode also increases performance.

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