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Choppy Preformance with Wirless Adapter


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Either youtubes are all biased or they had luck.. im at least happy that im not alone with my problem. I was super excited for the wireless kit.. but the pixelation is so bad... also have very high cpu as soon as i start steamvr.. not when i start wirless software though.. 

These are my specs 


MSI Motherboard Z77A-G41
CPU i7 3770
GTX 1070  
16GB Ram
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Again I've gave a list earlier in the forum of things to look at but have you updated your BIOS recently ? I see that the latest bios for your motherboard is 2014 ... which is really old ... if you update everything and test everything I've put in my previous post ... you might be out of luck with your current built ... I've build 50+ build and I've never really like the support on MSI board just an FYI ... and that generation was prone to little glitch on the PCIe side. Start by trying everything I've said first and I hope it works !

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Just joining the thread. Same exact symptoms. Have tried everything suggested here with no luck.


GTX-1080 and i7. CPU and GPU are both barely at 20% when running the vive home screen over wireless, but low frame rate, super compressed video, and slight color lag with head movement.

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Very Important!! I just read on readit that users with the problem solved by putting the card in a PCI 3.0 Slot.. If you have one try it out... 


I´m basicly **bleep**ed because if i see it right my motherboard has only one pci 3.0 slot.. and thats for the gpu

MSI Motherboard Z77A-G41... Damm.



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Hi guys,

Yesterday I was troubleshooting this issue. Here you have my comments:
First TIP: Disable the front cameras. With them active, it was impossible to do anything, with a lot of cuts, low resolution and dropping the FPS. A part than the camera resolution is now really bad, and you cannot see anything focused. I hope it will be reviewed by the HTC team. :smileyhappy:

So, the thing is that I have a good PC, i7 4.9OC, 1080 ti, etc, and as I said in my last post, the HMD wired works perfectly.

Here is my contribution for the HTC technical support: I've uploaded a couple of videos showing how when the HMD is sitted, still, without any move, the image displayed is moving a little bit, causing dizziness, when in theory it should be like freezed. The Wigig signal is full (4 bars). I hope this can help them to find where the issue is.





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