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I can't start eye tracking calibration

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Hello I bought vive pro eye to do eye tracking at unity.

But, when I start eye tracking calibration in steamVR.


adjust the headset up and down to fit the frame. Even if the headset up and down, the image does not change.

and I can't go next step...just stop ; - ;


In addition, the camera in SRruntime is not recognized. (And I connect my vive port to graphics card connected to the monitor.)

I reinstall several times after deleting all the program(steamVR, SRruntime, etc,,,).

SteamVR also 'Camera communication failed.'


I think it is a problem with the headset recognition or camera recognition.

No matter how many time I search, I can't get the result. Please help me,,, T ^ T



(I'm already do this



I'm using the following desktop computer:

GeForce Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti 11GB VRAM

Intel Core i5-4670 CPU


Windows 10 pro (64bit)


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when I start eye calibration, The headset not move in first position. In addition if headset in the frame, I can't go next stage (IPD value). When I click hand controller menu button to go home and click again Vive Pro Eye button twice, SRruntime is overlapping performance.


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I'm having the same issue here also, there's no troubleshooting or any guidelines anywhere to assist with this.

It's absolutely DISGUSTING that they haven't answered your question (that's now about 1.5 months old).

We paid $1,500 for a headset so we can start developing the eye-tracking and hand-tracking enabled applications that will ultimately drive sales and line the headset manufacturer's pockets, and they can't even provide support for what should be a simple issue.

No wonder VR has been so slow in taking off, these people have set their profit margins too high to stimulate growth and have very poor software quality standards.

Get it sorted.


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@The_Fly - We've had a running post where we've posted solutions to the calibration initialization issue. In other cases we've supported people via email or via our enterprise support team (support.enterprise@htc.com ) as it's only sold as an enterprise product (which has separate support from consumer). If you're still having issues after trying to instructions there - PM me and we can schedule a call with one of our senior devrel guys.

The primary source of this issue has primarily been around Windows UAC. I'd recommend running everything under a full admin account rather than using a standard account and using the UAC admin prompt.

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