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Vive wireless adapter disconnects after a few minutes.


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I was having blue/gray screens regularly for months until I tried the Device Manager power manage from CMDRZOD above. Just finished a session so long the only thing that stopped it was the battery ran out. If anything happens again, I'll update though.

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So what I am gathering is that ever since I got this thing I couldn't even come close to the solutions you guys may have come up with and those solutions don't even work.

Like ever since I got the Cosmos headset I've had issues first because I needed a better graphics card. It worked nice then after awhile my headset started to have disconnects and frame freezes, grey/blue screen. It would play for a little bit but then what I said before will happen. I then assumed it was the cord to my headset and was considering buying a new cord but to my dismay it would cost me 60$ just to see if that was the problem. (BTW it could just be my headset, maybe sure, but I'm pretty sure if it was I wouldn't be getting two different issues where its worse with the cord and better with the wireless) Anyways I then thought about getting the wireless adapter since I thought it would be a lot more fun to use since it surely would work perfectly as a product as its sold for a whooping $350 so not digging deeper into this was my mistake. I didn't realize I would be digging my way trying to find the time I could've spent doing something actual productive then mess with this adapter. After getting the wireless adapter I had issues but I thought it could've been from the lighting and connection issues and since I would be able to play for 25-50min. I dealt with it until I thought eventually I myself would  figure out why my system wasn't working with the wireless adapter. 

Basically do any of these solutions work 100% of the time or are they just the hopes of pebbles that could be something for us to use until 3 years later we see a comment in this thread talking about the same thing happening to them without any response to the matter by a moderator that it's being researched with some proof of time spent with their own findings since most of us have spent hours and told our stories. All I'm asking is for someone in the company to give us a way to fix it,  a probable solution that hasn't been mentioned in this thread, or just say yeah we messed up, without just saying good job to the next guy who spends hours themselves figuring out a possible solution that isn't even a definite solution. 

P.S. I'm thinking about trying all solutions I heard but not ready to mess with my computer to much by messing with the bios since I finally got it stable like 4 months ago. 

I'm also going to contact support tomorrow morning so I'll update on this thread about it.


MOTHERBOARD: Rog Strix X570-E Gaming
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT
RAM: Corsair - 3600MHz -64GB
Storage: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB+500GB

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Weird thing that HTC don't know about their own stuff. Some time ago I reached them via chat and after doing some tests and sending them some logs they asked me to send my equipment, as they told me that my equipment had an issue. Question is I'm from Brazil and it would take lots of time to send it and have it back. So I started an investigation and saw that lots of people were having the same issue as me.


I tried everything. Formated my PC, unplugged all USB PCI-e cards, my AVerMedia card - which I'm still not using as I still don't have a mirrorless camera and I'm still using my Logitech Brio - installed fans on the top of vive wireless, switched the WiGig card to every free slot and I still kept having the disconnection issue. I started messing with everything that was possible, even disabling the anti virus and everything you can't even imagine - for months - and nothing worked.


Then I searched for the folder in which the exe to start vive wireless is found. There are some extra exe files over there and I started running every each of them. Then I found a file called PCIeGenConfig.exe. I ran it and it opened a window with an option to enable PCIeGen setting. And then... ta-daaaaah! My disconnection issue was simply gone!!! It seems the WiGig card has some problems regarding the PCI-e gen from some motherboards, and that's what I'm talking about when I told you that it seems HTC doesn't know about their own stuff.


Lots of people struggling to maintain connection with their Vive headsets, and it can be simply resolved by running this exe and enabling this PCIeGen thing. The weirdest thing is that when I searched on Google for this exe file I found only 2 pages mentioning it! That gives me the creeps! It's a simple fix that even HTC doesn't have a clue about! It would be good if you could report my case to them, as they could just give people this instruction instead of asking guys to send them their equipment that's actually in good shape! End of story lol with a happy ending! I hope my experience and resolutions can help more people that are suffering because of the lack of knowledge of a company that doesn't understand their own devices! Regards from Brazil!

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On 7/7/2020 at 5:37 AM, Azorius said:

So here is what I found out. I tried much of what was suggested here and none of it worked. It still had the issue. Then I bought a new battery, Aukey brand, with 3 times the storage capacity. I haven't had this issue since. So I wonder if their battery can't provide enough power, and so it drops every so often. Thus providing the white outs and black outs many of us have been getting.

So far I've had my new battery for 2 weeks. Never had the issue except when I used my old battery. Happened the first time I used the one that came with the wireless headset instead of the larger battery.


Only drawbacks I've seen so far, is the new battery does not have a clip to snap it on your clothes, I just put it in my pocket. The other issue is it's bigger. About as big as a smartphone only 2.5 times thicker.

So it was worth the change to me. It also was cheaper and more powerful, held more, than the official battery that came with the wireless adapter set.

Just a FYI, I use the HTC Vive Pro with this.


That is very informative man thanks for your comment

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On 3/4/2020 at 12:50 PM, Galatoni said:

I appreciate the input. I can see that it could be a cooling problem, but I can imagine for the majority of people they're not going to be performing any kind of modification to their units. Simple reason being, we shouldn't have to. Even if after market retrofitting is required, it's not us that should be doing it - it should be HTC.

I've had confirmation that my adapter has reached their centre in Romania, now to see if they actually open the
boxes this time.

Yes man i also think that it could be a cooling problem.

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On 2021/5/15 at 午前4時45分, CMDRZOD said:

私は非常に長い間この問題を抱えていました。ランダムに切断します。ここにリストされているすべての修正を試しました。コントローラーのタイムアウト修正はうまくいきませんでした。USB デバイスの電源をオフにしない設定も役に立ちませんでした。少なくとも、デバイス マネージャーにリストされている通常の USB デバイスとハブではありません。 



デバイス マネージャーを開きます。[表示] をクリックしてから、[接続別のデバイス] をクリックします。カードが接続されている PCI-E ポートを見つけます。Intel PCI-E カードが Intel PCI Express ルート ポート #8 に接続されています

電力を節約するために、この PCI-E ポートの下にあるすべてのデバイスを決して電源を切らないように設定しました。これは、インテル ワイヤレス VR カード全体、ここにリストされているソフトウェア コンポーネント、および USB ルート ハブです。ワイヤレス PCI-E カードの一部であるすべてのデバイスで省電力を無効にした後、それ以来、ドロップはありませんでした。以下のスクリーンショット:





I have been having the same problem for 3 years after buying a ViveWirelessAdapter.
My VivePro would gray out after about an hour and both controllers would not reconnect.
After trying this method, the grayout no longer happens at all.
This is a great solution.
The whole world should be informed about this.

The problem is that Windows updates or simply rebooting the PC will reset this measure.
So I have to open Device Manager every few days to see if the settings have been reset.
I wish there was a way to save the settings....

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On 10/26/2020 at 10:32 PM, Tango87 said:

I've had the same issue since I've bought the adapter. I've determined it to be a hardware issue. The USB connection will lose loose power with even the slightest jiggle. I have no idea how to stabilize it. I've tried another cord and the same thing. I've used another power bank and it will still happen. The only way I don't lose connection is if I'm not jerking my body around too much which is very hard to do when playing a boxing VR game or anything that requires you to duck. At this point I've semi given up on the wireless adapter as a whole. It's poorly engineered and I'm not even going to attempt to use HTC support after seeing the horror stories in here. $200 lesson learned. If I ever figure out a fix I'll post in on here. I just need something to really jam the USB cables in so they don't jiggle. Some day I'll figure it out. Good luck everybody. 

You're a bloody hero @Tango87!

I do intense VR dancing for long sessions and my wireless kit has been giving me hardcore grief since day 1. Frequent greyscreens & hangs, and full-on blackscreen cut-outs exactly as you described.
I've tried numerous solutions which in the end did eliminate my greyscreen and hanging issues, but I just couldn't crack why the blackscreen cut-outs were happening or how to fix it.

I eventually figured out, like you, it was the USB connection from the kit to the power supply. After VERY VERY LUCKILY finding your solution a couple nights ago, I gave it a shot - wrapping some plumber's tape 5x around each end of the cable and plugging it in.
DIDN'T CUT OUT ONCE during a 4 hour rave session.

Bloody amazing. I can't describe how relieved and happy I am that it's finally working just about flawlessly. I'm not gonna count on it completely solving my problems, but since the tape fix, I just haven't cut out or had any issues whatsoever.

Thank you so so much. I've been trying to sort this crap out for like two years at least lmao.


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