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Nvidia has changed the render pipeline. Framedrops on Vive Pro 2+ RTX 4090.


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That is exactly what I think. HTC waits a fix from Nvidia.


For my part, I tested two other games during the last week on my VP2 : Ven VR Adventure and Skyrim VR.

Like Moss II, Ven VR runs smoothly at 3k x 3k resolution per eye (90Hz) except some rare frame drops from time to time (nothing unusual  for me). Reprojection is close to zero.

For Skyrim, I reinstalled almost 400 mods and, using a similar resolution, it runs perfectly using dyndolod 3 with high settings, Ultra tree LODs, an ENB and a very heavy grass combo I was never able to use.

No problem at all (if I use the ini setting bFullScreen=1 otherwise I get a lot of reprojection and frame drops). Really fantastic and it is really a game changer (compared to my previous RTX 3090).


So, apparently, it depends on the "engine" used by the game. Am I right ? I'm not an expert ! Tell me if I'm wrong !

So far, I only had time to test two other games "Beat Saber" or "Space Pirate Trainer". And yes, I admit, these games are unplayable (especially Beat Saber) with a lot of reprojection. 

I do not know how to explain these differences.

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@Aragorn 76I'm looking for ways to reproduce your unplayable experience here, although I'm seeing lots of reprojections but it is still smooth on my end with 4090 at 150% resolution running with 120Hz. 

But in the middle of the investigation, I found that if I turn on the HW-Accelerated GPU sheduling and focus on content on top, the expereience is really bad, minimize the content on windows is better. 
Just wondering have you turn on the HW-acceelerated GPU scheduling by accident? 


In general reponse to 4090 issues, we do see some differences with previous flagship NV GPUs. 
If you guys can provide us more configurations that will help us to replicate and identify the root cause quicker. 
Thanks for your understanding and support in advance. 

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I had HW-accelerated gpu scheduling on initially, turned it off and no difference. 

Also driver version makes no difference to the issue. 


Testing in steamvr home:

Try turning your head back and forth quickly and watch the screen latency with a 4090, swap to a 30 series and repeat the test.

Should see the screen "catching up" by like 300ms with the 4090 vs being 100% in sync with 30 series. Also random 200ms screen freezes during this process. 


SteamVR Version:    1.25.1 (1667521602)
SteamVR Date:    2022-11-03
Steam:    Public
Steam Branch:    beta
Steam AppID:    250820
Tracking:    lighthouse
OS:    Windows 11
OS Version:
Direct Mode Vendor:    NVIDIA
Direct Mode Version:    526.47
Admin:    No
AsyncReprojection:    Disabled
Performance drops:    640/1 625/2 92/3 93/4 15557/17246
Display Mode:    Direct Mode

Device 1 - LHR-CB5AE819 Headset VIVE Pro 2 HTC
Device Path:    /devices/lighthouse/LHR-CB5AE819
Best Alias:    /user/head
Firmware:     1526689969 watchman@runner-watchman 2018-05-18 FPGA 531(2.19/7/2) BL 1526603673
Hardware Revision:     product 133 rev 2.0.6 lot 2000/0/0 0
Watchman Firmware:     1526689969 / 1526689969 (2018-05-18) 
Watchman FPGA:     531 / 531 (2.19) 
Camera Firmware:     12884967859 / 12884967859 (Version: 03.01.1B3 Date: 2018.Jan.11) 
VSync to Photons:     0.00833333
Display Frequency:    120
Dongle Version:     6293135524 Version: 1461100729 / 1461100729 (2016-04-19) 
Dongle Version:     AC7CE81668 Version: 1461100729 / 1461100729 (2016-04-19)


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whats weird though, is index users also report the issue @ 144hz

index... 2880x1600 x 144hz x 8bit .. 19.91 Gbps ...
index is on displayport 1.2 ... so 21.6Gbit limit.

and displayport 1.2 doesnt even support DSC... 

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Wow, you are right about 90hz. Did not get that to work before (got reprojection/framedrops. But that was before the latest drivers/vive console updates). But now Im getting near 0 reprojection and framedrop in 90hz. 120hz is a very different story, with framedrops every 1-2 second, and 30-50% reprojection. 

Running a Strix 4090, 9900k cpu, 64gb ddr4, and win11 22H2, HAGS disabled, and RGB disabled.


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I just wanted to put myself on the list of recently afflicted.  Noticed the problem the day I swapped out my 3080 for my new Gigabyte Windforce 4090.  I, like others, just got done reinstalling windows on a fresh drive to avoid 22H2.  I even went back to windows 10.  Problem persists.  I'm about to try switching to 90hz and see if it helps me at all.  I was having 50-60 reprojection and thousands of dropped frames in a simple 1 map Beat Saber sessions.  I had 50+ dropped frames sitting in Steam VR home for 1 minute, trying to stand still.  Same test moving my head constantly produces FAR more dropped frames.  I'm also noticing CPU utilization is practically nil.  Is that normal?  



Asus Tuf Gaming x570+
Ryzen 5950x on custom loop
32gb DDR4 3600mhz
Gigabyte Windforce 4090



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Changing to 90hz does seem to alleviate 98% of the problem.  I do still have a persistent micro-stutter if thats a thing. Just an occasional blip of red where frames seem to drop drastically and very briefly. Ran Lizzo's About Damn Time beat map and had 5% reprojection and only 15 dropped frames.  

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I tried again Beat Saber tonight (with the latest NVIDIA drivers 526.98). The game is maybe not "unplayable" but it is difficult to play with all these micro-stutters. Very irritating with such a graphic card.

What is your resolution per eye C.T. ? 150% does not mean anything since the "in-game" resolution in SteamVR settings (for Beat Saber) is set to a very low value automatically (around 11% or so). So you have to increase a lot this "in-game" resolution" (even if your global resolution is set at 100% or 150%) to reach a final resolution of 3k x 3k per eye. In that case, my frametime (FPSVR) is around 20ms (50 FPS) with permanent reprojection. There is clearly a problem with that game and others like Arizona Sunshine or Space Pirate Training.


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