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Nvidia has changed the render pipeline. Framedrops on Vive Pro 2+ RTX 4090.


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I've tested Half Life Alyx, Moss and No Mans Sky today on Ultra 90hz and got crazy high reprojection rates and still dropping frames just not as bad as before.  Alyx was OK and somewhat playable if you could look past anything moving ghosting like crazy.  Moss was somewhat playable but also ghosting; getting like 35-40 FPS.  No Mans Sky was completely unplayable. Other titles that I've played for years aren't working either, titles with zero demand for any modern GPU, one called Tower Tag; it's completely unplayable as well.

This is with a fresh install of Windows 10, completely up to date.  All RGB controller type software off.   I even updated the firmware on the card from Gigabyte's website and still no improvement.  I also lowered the power-limit to 80% just to see if that perhaps made a difference. Nothing.  I even tried changing XMP profiles and disabling XMP profiles, nothing.  Something is definitely NOT ok.

I'm considering trying to return my card already...this is getting friggin' stupid.  Insane hardware costs from HTC, insane hardware costs from NVIDIA and we're months into the 4090 launch and no fix....heck, no WORD from anyone. 

System is:

ASUS x570 Tuf Gaming Plus wifi
Ryzen 9 5950x
Gigabyte 4090 Windforce

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Just a thought but is anyone having these issues using a PCIE riser to vertical mount your GPU? 


I personally am and tried like hell this morning to get this big thing to mount horizontally but I just don't have the room in my case due to my loop.  



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Playing Beat Saber again tonight I started noticing the blips on gpu frametime.  Everything runs great until these little spikes occur.  Anyway I noticed every time I got a spike on the gpu frametime log I would feel the environment stutter, and every time the environment would stutter my dropped frames would tick up by 1.  I was just playing Forza 5 and I'm getting a lot of stuttering that feels very similar to what I'm experiencing in VR.  Could we have bad cards?? 

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Fresh feedback from France today. 😉

@Daddydubz: my video card is horizontal, I do not use any PCIE Riser. 

For Moss, what are your resolution settings ? Are you on "auto" in SteamVR ? The first time I tested Moss (I or II), I had the same ghosting problem but the game was running at 6k x 6k per eye. I set a resolution of 3k x 3k and everything is fine now. 

Concerning BeatSaber : I changed the VP2 USB port on the rear of my PC case ( ). And guess what ? All these micro-stutters disappeared ! I tested the game at 90Hz with a 3k x 3k resolution per eye or 6k x 6k (150%). I also displayed the GPU performance in the headset (with SteamVR). 

However, these micro-stutters are still there (unfortunately) in other games such as Space Pirate Trainer (ghost images) or Arizona Sunshine. I also tested Steam VR Home at 120Hz. Similar problem. Even at 90Hz, I observed a lot of pink or red peaks.

In Space Pirate Trainer, I also observed green (yes, green !) peaks regularly spaced. Very stange ! I must mention that I uninstalled all my RGB stuff (Masterplus, iCue and Mystic light !), deactivated the synchronization with OneDrive and deactivated Creative Cloud from Adobe. 

And, of course, HAGS is off.

For sure, there is a problem with this new family of cards... But not with all games. Can it be related to DX11 or DX12, to the engine used (unity ?) ?

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On 11/23/2022 at 12:53 PM, Jaw_B said:

So what is the official response here? HTC still investigating? @C.T. 120hz still gives massive reprojection (and very noticable stuttering on objects). We hoping for a fix from nvidia or HTC? Any more information we, as users, can provide?

@JackripHave you turned off HAGS, any RGB (on gpu/motherboard), and monitoring software? In 90hz you shouldnt be getting framedrops anymore?

Yes, I've turned off HAGs and all external applications like icue, msi afterburner, etc. Still happening. Getting a ton of reprojection at 90hz, like 20%

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